Elegant Essentials Elegant Essentials


Fashion first infiltrates the world on the runway. Couture garments envelop the feminine frames of supermodels as they glide down the catwalk. Cherish the moments of fashion weeks for eternity by keeping models and their apparel together. Elegant Essentials unleashes a collection of female and male mannequins ready to strut with style at a moment’s notice. With uniform appearances and physique proportions which are interchangeable with real-life models, these mannequins female and male make an impression with a high gloss white finish.

Supplied with a square glass base, each figure is fitted with the Flexfit® program including instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit. In measurements of EU 36 for women and EU 48 for men, these Elegant Essentials collection’s abstract mannequins may be customized with any desired color or material.

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