Fantasy Fantasy


Lovely and euphoric, these remarkable realistic female mannequins will sweep you into their universe. A mind-trip to fairyland. Their pale porcelain skin color, big almond-shaped eyes with huge eyelashes and their pouted lips immediately overwhelm you with an angelic feeling.

The joints of these female mannequins are strangely visible as in old-fashioned puppets, giving them a frail appearance. Dressed in elegant or sophisticated fashion, these realistic mannequins are perfectly suited for displaying your high-end collections, using their physical properties to make the fabrics they wear look wonderful.

Soaring well above the standard realistic mannequins, the Fantasy collection is unique and different from other Realistic collections Hans Boodt has developed so far.

Fantasy features only female mannequins, wearing a size EU 32.

Shown in a high gloss white finish with make-up, these realistic female mannequins are accompanied by a square glass base, assembly instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit, excluding wigs.

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