Outdoor Sports

Explore the adventure

Sports has made its way into our daily lives and dominates in fashion and lifestyle. Nowadays almost any brand or retailer has a sports collection or a sports capsule within their identity. This applies to both the higher and lower segment within the retail industry.

The Hans Boodt Mannequins Outdoor collection contains a range of mannequins with an active lifestyle and a cool attitude.

Go outdoors and find your character

All Hans Boodt mannequins share the same unique DNA: innovative, creative, Dutch, rebellious and young. The company’s vision is to use innovation and inspiration to be the authority in the shop window mannequin world. Their mission is to be the most desired ‘made to measure’ mannequin company in the fashion world. Not by simply creating mannequins but by creating characters.

Endless possibilities.

Take a look at our Sports collection with 40+ unique sports mannequins, including Football, Hiking, Running, Sprinting, Tennis, Yoga and more.